Alexa! Play “Golden” by Jill Scott

Fun Fact:

Every morning for the last 10 years, I’ve listened to “Golden” by Jill Scott. It started when I had Christopher and I was often unsure of the direction I was headed as a young, single mom, but wanted to give him the best possible life. I was gifted with a PowerPoint presentation on CD that reminded me of all of my favorite things, accomplishments, self-love, and most of all to cherish this new beautiful blessing, my Christopher. 😍 My SonShine.

It’s been my “Go Juice” Anthem and saved my life. I chose to “live my life like it’s #golden” and trust God in all things. I savor every lyric, while drink my tea, and reflect on God’s blessings over my life. It saved me. 😊 And I’m going to continue to live my life like it’s GOLDEN!

#ThankfulThursday #What’sYourMorningAnthem? #Golden #JillyfromPhilly 😉

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