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Feb 1st, 2021: LAUNCH DAY #CentsofStylebyRitaWebsite Goes LIVE!

I am no longer able to contain my excitement any longer. It’s not even midnight, but I am no longer able to contain this feeling. February will forever be a month engraved in my heart for many reasons:

1.) My baby girl Alexia Monae was born on February 12th. After a LOOONNNGGG 3 days of trying to be in active labor and an extended hospital stay, she entered our lives and stole our hearts forever via C-Section.

2.) I purchased a piece of Real Estate on the World Wide Web.

The wait is OVA!! Cents of Style by Rita website has gone LIVE!!

In both ways, February was a month that I labored in birth in hours, patience, physically, mentally, and emotionally! And just like my baby girl, the love and labor I put into my website is gratifying and satisfying. I hired and hired myself many times because (website wise), I am not the most tech savvy, but it is all mine!!

Special mentions to my husband Alexander M. Pate and my children Christopher and Alexia for being patient with me (with my patience lack there of with technical glitches) and understanding that sometimes my days began early and ended late. I’m sure they thought I have been chained to a desk for the last week and a half. And last but certainly not least, I wanna thank God, I wanna thank me for taking no days off lol (Thanks Snoop) and my loyal and faithful customer base that have been riding with me since DAY 1! We’re gonna ride this until the wheels fall off. And if we do, we’re going to put it in neutral and push through!

Y’all are the REAL MVPs!!

More live announcements and site updates to come. Enjoy the Cents of Style by Rita experience and I’ll catch you all in the AM.

Let’s stack money pray, and stay hydrated!!


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