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#ThankfulThursday #TBT My Greatest Inspiration

Transparency Moment:

I went from being a single parent, moving back in with my mom, and working/living in a tiny office with my laptop and cellphone. I listed houses for rent and contracted myself out for many local investors for Property Management services, while caring for my baby boy.

I had $0.72 in my account (READ THAT AGAIN). YES I remember because I intentionally printed it out and hung it up as a reminder that I would NEVER be broke again. However, I carried myself like I had a million dollars! It’s about a mindset. That was my reminder to KEEP GOING!!

I hustled EVERY SINGLE DAY listing those houses and soliciting my Property Management services. After awhile, I secured many contracts managing over 300 units under my belt, single-handedly!!! I helped find employment for many other contractors and it was an amazing feeling! 🤩 Helping people find work in Property Management has always been satisfying to me and passion of mine.

On days that I feel beat down, I think back to those times and remind myself, “Girl, you got it out the mud!! God used you. Bad times don’t last forever.” I’m forever thankful for his grace and mercy. I’m always telling my kids, especially my son because he’s older, take pride in your work and show up your best self. No one else is better qualified to do so. It’s about breaking generational curses and creating generational wealth.

So let this be your reminder, keep going Sis!! You got it!! All you need is wifi and a dream!

Peace & Blessings,


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