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Transparency: Laying Out my Entrepreneurial Soul

Transparency Moment:

Scheduling and accountability is a MUST when you are running a business. Due to the fact that I am my own boss, there is no one to look over my shoulder to make sure I am doing my job consistently and correctly. This can be a double-edged sword. Why? You must have the discipline. I did some soul searching, re-centering my chi if you will, as part of my self-care and I made some assessments. I asked myself some real questions:

  • Am I showing up consistently and intentionally everyday and my business?

  • Am I continuing to set goals? (S.M.A.R.T.) Goals. I’ll get into that later.

  • Am I fully utilizing automation?

  • Am I showing up my best self in my business or am I hiding behind my brand?

  • Am I being a good employee to myself, meaning am I staying on task, not “Lollygagging” doing mundane tasks, talking/texting, or just going down a rabbit hole in general?

  • Would you hire YOU?

  • Am I living out the purpose and the vision that God had spoken over my life?

The list goes on because so many accountability questions come to mind, so I’ll just keep it simple.

I struggled on some of the answers to my own questions, but undoubtedly I am growing, showing, and improving everyday in my business. Sometimes it keeps me awake at night because I can’t wait to execute an idea and I just wake up on GO! I work extremely hard on Cents of Style by Rita and expanding my brand because it is my baby. It is the brain child of my mind. Sure, there are areas that could use some improvement, but just like you learn, I’m learning. I’ve given myself the room to grow and recognize that I am not perfect. However, I am going to give myself more credit and remember to celebrate EVERY 👏 SINGLE 👏 WIN 👏!! I won’t cripple my humble beginnings. There is no “small” win to me. Each win is as equally important as the one before that and so on.

As long as I remain humble, consistent, and continue to show up my best self for my brand, everything will fall into place. I am in no way perfect nor do I claim to be. I have made some costly mistakes. The key is that I learned and I am no longer afraid to be vulnerable and solicit help when I need it.

I have come a loooooonnnggg way from where I have begun so I will always thank my tribe that has motivated and encouraged me along the way.

I ask that you continue to grow with me in my entrepreneurial journeys. Cents of Style by Rita is going to be a household name, BABY!!!! Watch this glow up!!! Don’t believe me just watch, OWWWWWWW!!!

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