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Online Banking for Mobile Devices ; Access, Log In ; View Balances & Transactions, Yes ; View Images of Cleared Checks, -- ; View e-Statements, Yes ; Find FNB ATMs & ...

From this innovation, the concept of mobile banking sites (mobi sites) ... Innovation and Excellence: FNB's Mobile Banking Application.

Don't have Online Banking? Sign Up · Unlock/Reset Your Password · First National Bank | Pittsburgh, PA · Find a Branch/ATM 833-BANK-FNB Check out our Apps!

The FNB Banking App embraces the future of help and our new look and feel will do just that. Some features to look out for:

For more details about our mobile app, please visit User ID: Password:.

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With free online banking, you're in control of your finances with access to your accounts 24/7. ... After I sign up, how long until I can log in?First, sign in you Online Banking and select Mobile Banking to register your ... online banking.

Create and manage your Nedbank ID username and password on the Money app or Online Banking. This single sign-on gives you full digital access to Nedbank's ...

FNB provides a full range of commercial banking, consumer banking and wealth management services plus industry leading online and mobile banking solutions.

Here is how to register for FNB Online Banking in Zambia. You can see how to change your internet banking account password.

Display of a payment card logo by, for example, an online merchant does not ... and using your personal identification number, to:.

Online payments are not only faster than manual payments, it is also safer and more convenient. With Standard Bank, you can easily pay your beneficiaries or ...

Did you know that you can login to using your Online Banking username and password? ... M not trying 2be off the topic but.

FNB Careers. ... Our Values are: I'm helpful; I'm effective; I'm innovative; I'm ethical; I'm accountable. FNB People ...

With FNB Online Banking, you can bank securely on your schedule from ... Log in to Online Banking and access the Credit Center to review your latest credit ...

If you need assistance you may call us at 1-800-555-5455 from 8 AM to 9 PM Monday – Friday and 8 AM – 5 PM Saturday & Sunday.

User reports indicate no current problems at First National Bank (FNB) ... Online Banking Withdrawals Mobile Banking Something else. ... I'm defeated ?

Looking for a transactional account best suited to your needs? From business & personal banking to savings & investment, then open one with FNB today.

At FNB Namibia, we offer our customers a range of products and services to suit ... such as FNB Namibia Online Banking, Cellphone Banking, FNB App & .mobi ...

Online Banking

Here are the steps to follow if you want to sign in to your FNB internet banking account:

Mobile Banking

2. Click on “Register” at the top section of the site behind the login area.

7. ATM card details.

I have a problem with First National Bank (FNB)

9 4.4 Environmental issues Although banks are primarily not concerned with issues pertaining to the environment, participants in this industry in South Africa are doing their bit to aid the plight of the suffering environment. Banks are moving further away from environment damaging caused by the extensive use of paper and moving, in line with global standards, to non- tangible methods of communication that do not leave behind a carbon footprint. This is being implemented by the urging of customers by banks to switch fully to electronic modes of communication such as email and SMS messaging. In this way, statements do not have to be printed every month, reducing the overall carbon footprint. 4.5 Political and Legal factors Of all the factors surrounding the banking industry in South Africa, policy and regulation are top of the list (PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2013), and should be considered as a whole rather than individually to form a more complete bigger picture (Venter & Jansen Van Rensburg, 2011). Banks in the country are what the government is using to help reach the targeted Millennium Goals. The banking sector, which comprises the South African Reserve Bank and all other commercial and investment banks, serves as the fundamental tool for the South African government in aiding of economic stimulation (, 2012). Policy decisions made by government such as the flow of interest rates and methods of trying to control inflation, all affect the banking sector wholly. Policy decisions such as the introduction of the National Credit Act have had banks reviewing how to go about the credit aspect of business (, 2012). It is these decisions that commercial and investment banks use to formulate policies and adhere strictly to such. Such strict adhesion is a direct result of the regulation imposed on the banking industry by government. The South African banking industry is a well-oiled machine that runs efficiently with the aid of the Banks Act of 1990 and the Mutual Banks Act of 1993 (, 2012). Recent developments in the legal arena for banks include reform taking the shape of stricter credit and capital definitions, and higher minimum capital requirements (PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2013). This translates to banks having to invest in risk

3. Again, click on “Reset password Only.”

ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any citations for this publication.Key PousttchiMartin SchurigMobile banking is a subset of electronic banking which underlies not only the determinants of the banking business but also the special conditions of mobile commerce. This paper analyzes customer needs and expectations from the mobile applications' view and from the banking view in order to derive a defined set of requirements. Based on these results, existing mobile banking applications are assessed. Their major shortcomings are explained, opportunities for their improvement are shown and the impact of upcoming new technology is discussed. The outcome of the paper is a defined set of customer requirements to mobile banking applications, the identification and assessment of four standard types of current mobile banking applications and an explanation of major failure reasons along with opportunities for their improvement.Determining factors affecting customer perception and attitude towards and satisfaction with e-banking is an essential part of a bank's strategy formulation process in an emerging economy like India. To gain this understanding in respect of Indian customers, the study was conducted on respondents taken from the northern part of India. The major findings depict that customers are influenced in their usage of e-banking services by the kind of account they hold, their age and profession, attach highest degree of usefulness to balance enquiry service among e-banking services, consider security & trust most important in affecting their satisfaction level and find slow transaction speed the most frequently faced problem while using e-banking.Tsietsi RaletingJacques NelThe slow adoption rate of mobile phone banking remains a dilemma for marketing managers globally. Previous studies on mobile phone banking adoption behavior lack investigation on low-income non-users' adoption behavior and adoption behavior with regard to a specific type of mobile phone banking application. Therefore, this study investigates the attitude formation of low-income non-users towards Wireless Internet Gateway (WIG) mobile phone banking. A non-probability sample of 465 low-income non-users was drawn. The results of the assessment of the structural model indicate that considering the total effects, ease of use and usefulness almost influence attitude with the equivalent strength. Other findings include that cost and ease of use influence usefulness of WIG mobile phone banking for low-income non-users, facilitating conditions and self-efficacy influence ease of use, and that the total effect of facilitating conditions on ease of use is relatively strong. Based on these findings practical suggestions are presented to enhance the adoption rate of WIG mobile phone banking in the low-income market segment. Irwin Thomas Joseph BrownZaheeda CajeeDouglas DaviesShaun StroebelCell phone usage has grown phenomenally in Africa, and particularly in South Africa where initial growth forecasts have been greatly exceeded. This technology therefore provides opportunities for services such as banking to reach critical mass. All major retail banks in South Africa provide cell phone banking, but very few customers actually use it. This study examines the factors that influence the adoption of cell phone banking in South Africa, as a means of understanding how to possibly increase the rate of adoption. A framework developed in Singapore identifying factors influencing the adoption of Internet banking was used as a basis, and amended to assess cell phone banking. Factors identified as influences included relative advantage, trialability, and consumer banking needs, with perceived risk having a major negative influence.South Africans and their cell phonesSouthafricawebSouthAfricaWeb, 2014. South Africans and their cell phones. [Online] Available at:

Instead of depositing checks at the ATM, the bank's drive-through window or with a Relationship Banker inside the lobby, you can add them to your account from wherever you happen to home, work, or even on vacation. Simply download First National Bank's mobile banking app to get started. 

Using Bill Pay is easy. Set up one-time or recurring payments with Bill Pay. You can even pay other financial institutions using your First National Bank accounts. Once you're enrolled in Online Banking, you can pay bills using either Online Banking or the FBN Mobile app. 

3 2. The Future of Banking: Mobility Mobile banking is a subset of the broader idea that is electronic banking (Pousttchi & Schurig, 2004). A clear definition of this phenomenon is presented by Pousttchi and Schurig in their joint paper addressing the consumer needs in conjunction to mobile banking as “…that type of execution of financial services in the course of which - within an electronic procedure - the customer uses mobile communication techniques in conjunction with mobile devices.” (2004) 2.1 Background Globally, banking has undergone significant changes catalysed by the advancement of the Internet. Patrons now have the option to perform a variety of transactions sans needing to leave the comfort of their own home, or the need to be distracted by trivial bank visits during an eventful day at the office (Pousttchi & Schurig, 2004). The dawning of electronic banking in the wider marketplace came with the perhaps not so mobile use of a personal computer: Internet Banking (Pousttchi & Schurig, 2004). From a computer situated anywhere with internet connectivity, a bank’s customers can remotely carry out the execution of certain financial services without visiting an actual branch of the bank or stopping by an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) (Pousttchi & Schurig, 2004). From this innovation, the concept of mobile banking sites (mobi sites) powered by Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), was born (Pousttchi & Schurig, 2004). Much like the original internet banking sites offered by banks, only on a smaller scale, this was the result of customers wanting to transact with/ through the bank on-the-go. Needless to say, a personal computer or even a laptop is not the most mobile of devices on the market today, and the banking websites to be utilized by the public were too large to load properly, if at all, on their internet enabled cellular phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) (Pousttchi & Schurig, 2004). Soon after, the relatively less popular fad that was Wireless Internet Gateway (WIG) enabled banking was introduced (Raleting & Nel, 2010). With this process, a Short Message Service message (SMS) was communicated by the customer over-the-air (OTA) and a set of responses would be loaded on to the mobile sim-card in question (Raleting & Nel, 2010). This process was unsatisfactory because of the time lags in responses and the increasing

That is how you can sign in to your account online.

[Accessed 10 August 2014].Surprising FNB mobile device statsMybroadbandMyBroadband, 2013. Surprising FNB mobile device stats. [Online] (2014) Available at:

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